Nonsuch Foundation helps to feature and promote arts & artists

The societal role of foundations is to promote and encourage art creativity. This can be done by providing a place for dialogue between artists from around the world and curating exhibitions showcasing their artwork to an audience who might not have been exposed before now – both in person or online. At Nonsuch Foundation, we believe in supporting contemporary artists worldwide by promoting their artwork and helping foster dialogue between cultures through curiosity about new perspectives. In addition, we find new ways of connecting communities through shared experiences, proven to be catalysts for cultural exchanges worldwide. 


One of our anticipated plans is to showcase our artwork collections through digital art exhibitions to connect with people all around the world and engage in a unique virtual art exhibitions tour experience!

Connect with our Foundation:

Meguru Yamaguchi x Yoon Hyup


Hebru Brantley


Promoting and encouraging the creativity of contemporary artists around the world through curiosity, discovery, engagement, and dialogue.

What we do

Nonsuch Foundation aims to make contemporary art more accessible on a regional and international scale. We have various collections of artworks and strive to maintain a constant balance between artistic, idealist, political, practical, and financial considerations. 


We hope to organize cultural events, stimulating discussions, and lectures related to the promotion and access to art for all. Even though the collection is private, we feel that sharing it is the best way to maintain and grow it for generations to come. Learn more.


Our Foundation offers free art education through our blogs. In that way, we can help underprivileged people gain access to art education. Learn more here.


Cultivating Creativity to Spark Change

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