nonsuch foundation mission

Our Mission:

The Nonsuch Foundation Artwork Collection contains a diverse selection of works in different mediums that link to the foundation.  We strive to maintain a constant balance between artistic, idealist, political, practical, and financial considerations, all playing a part in making decisions and setting the course for the Foundation and its artwork collections.  This gives us plenty of room to experiment, to set our own targets, and to develop a pure approach with the only responsibility being to the art and artists without outside interests.

Timothy Curtis "Endless Possibilities" Print. 2018. Image © Nonsuch Editions.
Coté Escrivá Print. Image © Nonsuch Editions.

Our main objective is to make contemporary art more accessible on a regional and international scale available to people that otherwise would be denied that opportunity. We achieve this goal by publishing books in relation to the artwork collection and by opening it up to everybody, including educators and scholars. Moving forward we hope to organize cultural events, stimulating discussions, and lectures related to the promotion and access to art for all. Even though the artwork collection is private, we feel that sharing it is the best way to maintain and grow it for generations to come.

Contemporary artists reflect current cultures and societies offering their audience a rich resource to contemplate present day ideas and to reevaluate the familiar. By using art to break down the walls that separate us, such as differences of gender, social background, nationality, and religion, the idea is to awaken the viewer to other worlds and inspire conversations around topical challenges such as climate change, politics, philosophy, current events, and ideas.

Cleon Peterson "Between Man And God" Wood Skateboard. 2018. Image © by Nonsuch Editions.
Laurence Vallières "Red Dot" Polyresin. 2019. Image © Nonsuch Editions.

We didn’t want to create a space to only display our artwork collection for a select elite group, but a space that was inclusive and open to all. We’re continually trying to develop new methods to share ideas and new ways to rethink stagnant notions. We wanted to establish a territory of free thinking while embracing emerging approaches to tackle serious issues. We aim to elevate the voices of both established and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds.